First Choice Loans

First Choice Loans

First Choice Loans had asked us if we were able to build a branded tent and ship it to Texas. Until now we were a Northwest only company but we said we can make anything happen and we would ship it for FREE to make the sale.


FCLS - 3×6M (10x20) template 1-.aiai

First Choice does alot of marking in Texas at Cowboys Stadium and they needed a tent that would market them to rest of the pack and take some serous use while tailgating in Texas. We rendered a great 10×20 tent that runs about $1559 and they needed a backwall and side walls to keep the wind down while tailgating. Another request was the tent had to fit in the motorcoach. We found that folded and stored 10×20 tents were 63x14x22 deep and 10×10 tents were 63x14x18 deep. Back walls run $219 for 20ft and side walls are $182 for a pair.



While its not a great picture from the game, when its game time there is not time for pictures. #GoCowboys