3SDM USA – First Render

When your customer wants to design it themselves we let them, the result is amazing. These 10x20ft tents are all the rage with our customers. 10ft sometimes is tight and its only a few hundred more to go big. These Hex 40 heavy duty event tents run $1559 to start. Add some sides, back wall and lights and you are “popup store’. Reach out to Mike @Happenstanceevents.com for one today !

SDM tent

First Choice Loans

First Choice Loans

First Choice Loans had asked us if we were able to build a branded tent and ship it to Texas. Until now we were a Northwest only company but we said we can make anything happen and we would ship it for FREE to make the sale.


FCLS - 3×6M (10x20) template 1-.aiai

First Choice does alot of marking in Texas at Cowboys Stadium and they needed a tent that would market them to rest of the pack and take some serous use while tailgating in Texas. We rendered a great 10×20 tent that runs about $1559 and they needed a backwall and side walls to keep the wind down while tailgating. Another request was the tent had to fit in the motorcoach. We found that folded and stored 10×20 tents were 63x14x22 deep and 10×10 tents were 63x14x18 deep. Back walls run $219 for 20ft and side walls are $182 for a pair.



While its not a great picture from the game, when its game time there is not time for pictures. #GoCowboys

#FEST – A Charity car event

#FEST – A Charity car event

Our friends and Happenstance Events needed a new merchandise tent for an upcoming event called #FEST. Since they bought a few tents this summer it was simple choice to have another made. Tent will be 10×20 with a back wall. This configuration runs about $1800 shipped. Of course flags are must and these multi-color 13ft ones run about $190 as a full kit with bags weights and spike.

Fest - 3X6M Fest Logo2 Fest Logo2-3